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.."In fashion there is a difference between couture and haute couture: one is exclusive, the other is exclusively yours, packed with high drama and classicism. The result is a modern piece of wearable art. Similarly, with furniture there is a difference between a bespoke approach and Sarah Davenport Design' 
The Rolls Royce and Bentley Enthusiasts Yearbook of Excellence 2010 and 2011... 

Sarah was raised within her family design and manufacturing firm. Her parents - both passionate directors and co-owners of the company - involved her in day to day challenges and triumphs over the breakfast table, and by learning about creative business and manufacturing 'through the skin' Sarah developed a unique and instinctive understanding of the design and manufacturing process.    

Sarah joined the family company full time at the age of 17 and worked her way up to Creative Director, driving all elements of management and change, and project managing large contracts between diverse and complex skill sets. Sarah designed fitted and free-standing furniture for private residencies and managed the relationship between outside designers and the inhouse manufacturing team to ensure each concept was delivered to its absolute potential. At the age of 22 in addition to her core work she became the youngest ever Regional Board Director of the British Design Innovation under the direction of legendary progress-pioneer CEO Maxine Horn.  

After receiving inspiration from the Milan Design Festival, Sarah began working with multidisciplinery creatives in 2007 producing signature and key works and finding new ways to inspire through design. Since then she has driven and contributed to numerous prestigious events and concepts which can be recognised for their originality and their popularity in the press including regular inclusion in BBC Television, Broadsheets and projects featured in publications such as The Style and Vogue.

Sarah has spoken and keynote spoken regularly as well as holding workshops and seminars for Business and Universities and she has worked intensively with high level industry and academia in her capacity as Marie Curie Research Fellow. She has mentored and developed many up-coming creatives and worked with and for some of the most influential designers of our time. 

A unique approach for finding original and inspiring ways to convey a message through design combined with love of working with manufacturers to bring out their best - and a tenacious passion for making creativity fly - drove Sarah to concentrate on commissioned signature works. Resulting designs were featured prominently as a highlight of the International Design Festival Milan 2012 within publications such as the Independent Newspaper and the London Evening Standard...  


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